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Harvest festival

Harvest festival is a great tradition that brings lots of people together as they help each other out. In Class One we have been looking at where our food comes from and where it goes. We talked about how our food is grown, why it is harvested and how it is harvested. We have some very keen gardeners in our class who helped explain how they have been growing vegetables and and some fruit in their own gardens and allotements.

Exploring small worlds

We had a great time exploring the mini fields and their vegetables as we practiced planting the potatoes and carrots, as well as looking after the animals that live on the farm too. .


Giuseppe Fiorelli, inspired art work

We used Giuseppe Fiorelli's art to inspire us and we used some of the harvested food to create our own portraits using fruit and vegetables. It was great fun exploring and testing the different vegetables to see how we could use them as part of ou faces. Pomegranite seeds made perfect nostrils, sweetcorn made great teeth and and leeks and carrots made short and long hair. Don't you agree the faces look fantastic!


Of course we need some pumpkins to carve

Harvest festival falls in September or October depending on the Harvest moon, and one very popular vegetable at the moment is the pumpkin. After exploring and observing pur pumpkins and squashes we had a great time designing faces and carving them. It was great fun and 'hard' work getting all those seeds out, but it was very exciting to open them and to find out what was inside each of them. 


An assembly with Mrs Kenworthy

Mrs Kenworthy came to join us and shared a story about a lady called Ruth. She had to  make a long hard journey and found it hard to find food and shelter for herself. It got us thinking about where our food comes from and how we can help others by donating food to help those that are not as li=ucky as and need a little help to feed their families. We talked about the Welcome centres and how as a school we are going to help by taking etra donated food doen to them. 

assembly adapted
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