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This page will be used to bring some clarity to the Maths taught in Class 2 and how you can support at home. 

Link to Learning


Here is a link to the White Rose Maths Hub Home Learning page.  This page has short videos on it.  It highlights the concepts being taught, the approach used and the language that the children will be exposed to.

These are ideal to show your children.  You can use them as pre-teaching, or they can be used to solidify what has been taught in the lessons.  



Here is a link to an online place value chart - something the children use in class to help them see numbers.




The children will be exposed to and taught methods for multipliying and learning their times tables.

There is now a statutory times tables check in Y4: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/multiplication-tables-check

It is important that children really know their times tables and not just the pattern, e .g., 2, 4, 6, 8.

Children need quick recall to the facts and should be able to provide answers to questions quickly (the test gives them 6 seconds).


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