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Star of the Week


Class 2: Eli

Eli has had a great week, and I have really noticed the effort that he is putting into his work, and this was obvious with the effort that Eli put into test week.

Eli has also shone during Literacy. We have been blending Guided Reading and Literacy together to cover James and the Giant Peach, and Eli has shown that he can use descriptive language to describe a journey through a tunnel, and that he can create a diary extract from the point of view of James, the boy in our story. For both of these, Eli has produced sentences, and he has then taken the time to edit and improve them, which is a key skill to have.

Eli has tackled this week with his usual humour and good nature, and I have enjoyed seeing how he interacts with everyone around school. He is polite, kind and caring, and he shares these qualities with everyone he meets.

Keep on being Eli!

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