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Welcome to Class Three.


What we do in Class Three

Every half term our topic changes in accordance with our text based currciulum. 

This half term we are reading 'The Kingdom of Benin short stories'  

Kingdom of Benin Short Stories uses delightful characters to explore aspects of life in the kingdom of Benin in its hay days. Ehi Edo Warrior Chief turns the spotlight on a chief when he leads others through a war experience. This is war like no other. Uki at Ukpe Festival deals with a different aspect of Kingdom of Benin life. The main character, adorable Uki and her dance group is an instant hit with the audience when they present their dance at the palace to mark the king's New Year Ukpe festival. 

The book will aim to give the children an idea of what life was like in the old days of Benin. We will be using this information to find out more about the civalisation and we will then compare it to the modern day. 


Class Three Newsletters

Please take a look at our Class 3 currciulum newsletter here to find out more about what we will be learning, who the staff are in our class and other bits of important information. 



Learning is important across a child's life and therefore we ask that children complete little jobs and tasks at home. Each week children will be given their homework grid which reflects the learning that we are completing at school; this gives children the opportunity to choose from different areas of learning that they are interested in. There is an expectation that one piece of homework is completed each week and that children choose from a different row each week. This is completed and returned to school by Wednesday and will be sent back out on a Friday. Every week we will be looking out for a homework hero who has gone over and above! These will be voted for by both the children in the class and the teachers. 

Please ensure that reading takes place at home at least three times a week, we learn our times tables, and we learn any spellings that we may be given. You will also be given a link to the spelling shed in order to access the spellings that your child is learning.  

Reading lots is always important and it is also important that we write what we have read in our reading records. Remember that we have the top 50 books to read before you leave Class Three! The document is in your reading record but can also be found on the recommended reading page.

Visit these websites to help you learn: 

Spelling Shed

BBC Bitesize

Whiterose Maths


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