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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning happens whatever the weather here at Wilberlee Junior and Infant School. We are really lucky to have some amazing spaces to explore outside and some fantastic teachers who plan for lots of fun things to do in our school environment and the wider community. 

We had such a fantastic morning with Alan Sculley and his team! We were split in to three different groups and did a carrousel of activities. One activity was to create our very own healthy pizzas using many different ingredients including peppers, onions, vegetarian ham and sausages, sweetcorn and pizza spices. We also looked at fractions like halves and quarters to help us fold our pizzas for the fire! Another activity was with Alan; he told us a magnificent story about a mouse who lived at Slaithwaite Green Grocers!  The mouse travelled all the way to the rainforest and went on a hunt for different fruits and vegetables.

There was a hailstorm whilst we were listening so we had to use our imaginations even more to picture the rainforest! Whilst Alan was telling the story, we got to taste many of the fruits. We really enjoyed them! Our final activity was to paint a large canvas. On the canvas was a man that was created using different fruits and vegetables! We had to be very careful and have a very steady hand to make sure we stayed inside the lines!


Class one have been enjoying making in the mud kitchen! 

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