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Curriculum information


In this section of our website you can find out all about the curriculum that we follow.

Curriculum Development

We have over the past 12-18 months developed our curriculum signficantly. We moved last year to a text based curriculum which means that our curriculum themes are driven by a key text which children study and which inspires learning. The texts are appropriate for children in each key stage and encourage children to think about themes more deeply. This also allows us the opportunity for children to write at length both within literacy and other areas of the curriculum.

This year we continued to develop our curriculum further to build upon the success of the text based curriculum and make sure the overall curriculum and individual themes being studied reflect our individual school contexts.

Ofsted and the Curriculum

The way that Ofsted inspect the curriculum is also changing with the introduction of a new Ofsted Framework. Ofsted will inspect our schools and make a 'Quality of Education' judgement. They will be looking at our curriculum intent (what we want children to learn), our curriculum implementation (what is offered to our children in classrooms) and the impact of our curriculum (how children are learning what we intend them to so that their knowledge and skills are developed). The new emphasis on inspecting the curriculum is derived from the findings of previous inspections across the country being that schools are not teaching a broad and balanced curriculum to pupils and the focus has been too narrow with too great a focus on the core subjects of literacy and maths.

Our Curriculum

We believe that pupils should be offered a broad and balanced curriculum within our school which prepares them for the next stage of their education building upon key knowedge and skills which they can apply later on. We also want our pupils to have pride and knowledge of their own local context and this is reflected in the themes which have been chosen. We welcomed feedback from parents at the end of Summer Term 2019 about our curriculum and we hope you feel that your views have been included in the development of our curriculum. Classes 1, 2 and 3 all have their own curriculum maps which show our curriculum intent which you can see below.

Class 1 curriculum map

Class 2 curriculum map

Class 3 curriculum map

Federation Curriculum Statement

Religious Education

As a school we are following the new Kirklees Agreed RE Syllabus entitled 'Believing and Belonging'. Mrs Cooper leads RE across the federation and teaches RE at Clough Head. She is passionate about supporting children learn about their own faith and that of others and the opportunities RE offers for deep thinking about current issues, values and themes. Click here for a link to the new Kirklees Syllabus.

RE Long Term Plan


A new PSHCE curriculum will become statuatory in September 2020. We will begin to introduce this over the course of the coming year so that we are ready to offer to our pupils their full entitlement of PSHCE education by September 2020. If you have any questions about this please do come into school to discuss these with staff in school who will be happy to help.

Contact us regarding the curriculum

Mrs Creamer is our curriculum lead for the foundation subjects supporting staff who lead on individual areas of the curriculum. Mrs Travis (Clough Head) heads our mathematics team, Mrs Barnes (Wilberlee) leads on science and Mrs Wood (Wilberlee) leads the literacy team. If you have any questions about the curriculum your children will be following please do get int touch with us via the school office.

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